There are several steps involved in the purchase of a home. All details need to be managed within a schedule. Our Millfield sales and construction teams will do their best to make the entire purchasing process as enjoyable and simple as possible. Here's a glimpse of the stages of purchasing a Millfield home:

1) Purchase Agreement - Select your home from the available list of homes for sale. Execute the Purchase Agreement A 5% deposit down is typically required, but the Builder is flexible and will work with each Buyer's needs. If additional time is needed to complete the Purchase Agreement, a three (3) day reservation may be placed. In deference to our other clients, this reservation may not be extended. If you intend to use a Buyer's Agent, which is not required, for your Millfield home purchase, he/she must be present at all contract related appointments, unless agreed to otherwise.

2) Financing - It is recommended to be pre-approved for a loan; however if you are not, no problem! Our Neighborhood Sales Manager will work closely with you and our preferred mortgage lender to find a loan program that works best for you.

3) Selection Meeting - You will meet with the Neighborhood Sales Manager at our model home to complete finish selections for your new home within 7 days of signing the Purchase Agreement. Once your loan commitment is received and you have executed an Authorization to Proceed with Construction form, the construction team will issue all necessary orders and continue with construction.

4) Schedule a Closing Date - An estimated date will be determined at the signing of the Purchase Agreement, however, after the home is drywalled and all selections have been finalized, the construction team will notify the Neighborhood Sales Manager of a definitive closing date.

5) New Home Orientation Meeting - Prior to closing, the construction team will host the New Home Demonstration Meeting with you during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm) . Here, the team will explain the mechanicals and demonstrate the operation of home features.

6) Closing - Within days following the New Home Demonstration Meeting, you will attend settlement where you will sign closing papers that officially transfer ownership of the home into your name. You receive keys to your front door and the home is officially yours.